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The Oralift device is designed to reduce and delay the signs of facial ageing. It fits over the lower teeth and looks similar to a small mouth guard. It is worn for just 2 hours, every third day. There is no exercise programme, the facial muscles are activated by just having it in the mouth. Oralift has gained international recognition from cosmetic surgeons as being one of the most impressive products to reduce and delay the signs of facial aging.

Oralift is a registered Trade Mark and is a patented device . Us Patents 7156774 & 7416516. EU Patent 511440.


Changes can now be accurately measured by the latest 3D imaging technology.

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Janan Harb (58) wife of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia says,

“This treatment has given me back my youthful look and restored the vitality to my face.
It is amazing.”
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Side Patient

Tara says she has toyed with the idea of botox

“But when I'm cross, I want people to know it!” She has an Oralift: “I use it while watching Eastenders”.

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