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An Update!

June 2011

I am aware that it is a shockingly long time since I updated our blog. I am resolved to update it more regularly now that I am going to be working less at the practice and focusing more on Oralift. There is so much news since my last posting! The biggest news is that Nick has sold the practice to a group of high profile dentists from Italy. Nick will continue working here two days a week and I will promote and market Oralift. Nick has in the last couple of years become very weary of holding a dental drill and now just wants to devote his working time to Oralift and possibly his beloved dentures! When we placed the practice on the market, it was important to Nick to have dentists here who share his vision of dentistry and who are passionate about Oralift. Two of the dentists are already providing Oralift treatment in their practices in Italy. There are going to be big changes to the First Floor 18 Wimpole Street suite which has been home to Added Dimension Dentistry for almost 12 years. The practice will be set up for implants and the latest cosmetic aesthetic dentistry. Combined with Nick’s Oralift treatment, there should be a superb set up here aiming to meet the demands of 21st century dentistry. I gather there is a huge Italian community in London, so their needs in particular will be met with Italian dentists and bi lingual staff. Our lovely Lauren left us in November last year when her visa expired and she had no choice but to return to Australia. She has started her Masters in Clinical Psychology and when it is completed I believe there is a good chance she will want to return to the UK. She is actually here at the moment as she has been bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding and she has of course visited us before she fitted in a quick trip to Portugal. Funnily enough when she was here one of her countryfolk had popped in to see what Oralift is all about. This was dentist Derek Mahoney who lectures worldwide on orthodontics.

Lauren is always more than happy to talk about her experience of Oralift, which she says has been life changing. Lauren has suffered from headaches since she was eight. She said she had a headache virtually continuously and migraines three times a week. She always had to have painkillers in her bag. Working with Nick and Oralift, she was intrigued to find out if it could help with relaxing her tense muscles. She had to go very slowly with it and could only tolerate the appliance initially for five minutes at a time, but slowly but surely she built up to the periods recommended by Nick and she is now able to wear the highest appliance! Nick was always confident that Oralift would work for Lauren who now only experiences the vey occasional headache when she is really stressed. We also had a visit this month from David Bloom, former president of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists and his partner Jay who also wanted to see more of what Oralift is about.


david-bloomThey were very impressed. Slowly but surely we will try to educate the profession on the benefits of this wonderful little appliance! Amarjit Gill is another high profile dentist, recent President of the British Dental Association (BDA) who has had a presentation about Oralift.

We had a mini course in April for three German dentists, one of whom lives in Poland and teaches at a dental school. They are looking into how they might introduce Oralift to Poland. Anyone who knows Nick will know that his greatest desire is to put Oralift on a scientific basis with a clinical trial conducted by a leading hospital. Of course he has a wealth of photographic and anecdotal evidence but he believes a trial is essential for Oralift to gain the credibility it deserves, and to make it more available worldwide. One of the leading dental hospitals is currently doing 3D imaging of one of his Oralift patients with a view to doing a trial if the results prove worthy. This would be the most exciting outcome and would justify and validate the years of developing this product which has become the greatest passion of his career. He believes this appliance has so many applications and could lead to so much more research. On a personal note, we were delighted to welcome Becky from Tucson Arizona into our family when she married our son Kieron last September.


They met while Becky was training to be an actress at Lamda where Kieron is IT Manager. They wanted a small intimate wedding which turned out to be quite spectacular and huge fun. After the ceremony at Camden Registry office, an open top Routemaster bus took us to the London Eye where we had a champagne flight in our own pod. Then the bus took us to Paramount which is a venue at the top of Centre Point. More champagne in the viewing gallery where the views of the city are breathtaking. Finally a wonderful dinner in the intimate Red Room of Paramount…a perfect day! Becky’s Dad from Tucson, brother and girlfriend from Chicago and Gran from San Francisco all came for the wedding and stayed with us, making the whole week so memorable. One of Kieron’s friends from University days flew in from the Phillipines for the wedding and delighted everyone by wearing full highland dress. Another family friend of Becky’s wore his American Air Force uniform, making it a very glamorous occasion.

Posted by Fran Mohindra. 29th June 2011

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