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Course Attendance on the Rise

June 2012

Courses this year so far have seen dentists attending from Brazil, Moscow, Dubai, Italy and the UK. Slowly but surely this treatment will become available throughout the world.

We had an interesting email from one of the Italian dentists on the last course. She was discussing it with a cosmetic surgeon who had already heard about Oralift. The surgeon wants the dentist to fit her with an Oralift and if she likes it, she will refer patients. The other interesting happening this month is that Nick has trained his first doctor in the Oralift technique. This is the first time Nick has trained a non dentist and it went very well. Dr. Kamerjeet Singh is keen to offer it in his range of aesthetic treatments.

This week Nick will attend an antiageing skin conference at the Royal College of Physicians. No worries about him stagnating in his career…the path he has chosen has opened up a new world of learning. Obviously dentists do not learn about skin in their training, and Nick is keen to learn about the latest ways of measuring improvements in skin. I am wearing my Oralift for the next few weeks and I am always surprised even after using it for eleven years to see the improvement in pores almost as soon as I start to use it. My sister, also a seasoned Oralift user, says exactly the same. We need to find a way of measuring these improvements.

There are other exciting developments in the pipeline which I should be able to talk about later this year.

Posted by Fran Mohindra. 11th June 2012

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