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Going to the Dentist for a Beauty Treatment


Nowadays dentists are asked by their patients to recommend treatments for the face not just teeth. Improving facial aesthetics need not be confined to Botox and fillers. Oralift rejuvenation is achieved simply by wearing an appliance in the mouth for short periods. Dentists will also find that the Oralift appliance can help their patients in a number of ways besides their looks.

Why Oralift?

Oralift was placed in the top three non invasive  facial rejuvenation treatments in a Daily Telegraph article.

I believe Oralift could be the missing link in the facial aging puzzle, because it is designed to address all aspects of facial aging. It can also help patients stop parafunctioning. The Oralift appliance is revolutionary because it is worn for very short periods and never at night...

– Daily Telegraph 

An ideal treatment for patients who want a natural approach to facial rejuvenation!

How it works?

“There are two principles at work here”- explains Dr. Mohindra – “the capacity of the body to adapt to new situations and the ability of the body to heal.”

The Oralift encourages the muscles in the lower jaw to rest in a different position from the normal resting position, which in turn results in the muscles releasing growth factors which have an anti-ageing effect.

The Oralift not only affects the muscles in the jaw, but it in turn has an effect on the muscles of the head and neck, and even the muscles involved in swallowing and breathing have to work differently. It is this impact on lots of the various muscles that seems to produce the all round anti-ageing effect of the Oralift.

That’s one theory. Another theory is about the healing process – collagen levels in the body deplete as we age and have long been linked with the effects of ageing. But when we cut ourselves the body releases collagen to help us heal. The Oralift seems to cause “microtrauma” to our muscles which is followed by healing. This healing process continues for up to ten months after the intial “microtrauma”.

Reported benefits:

  • Reduced lines around the eyes, mouth and face
  • Reduced shadows and bags under the eyes
  • Increased fullness of lips
  • More prominent cheekbones
  • Improved complexion, thread veins and rosacea
  • Firmer jawline and neck
  • Closed and repaired pores

Become an Oralift Practitioner
Find out more ...

Oralift is proving to be a useful aid in training patients to become aware of their freeway space and reduce or stop their clenching habit.

How to become an Oralift Practitioner?


Where and when is the next Oralift course in Europe?

The next course is in central London on 25th & 256th September.

The first day will be held at The Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street and the following day at the clinic at 18 Wimpole Street.

What is covered by the Oralift course?

  • How to establish the vertical dimension
  • How to avoid speech problems when increasing vertical dimension
  • How to achieve zero bleeding index
  • Smile design
  • Tooth wear and introduction to full mouth reconstruction

and much more…..

Course includes demonstration of Vectra 3D camera:

  • Size of an ordinary SLR camera
  • Standardises results….no need to worry about lighting or position
  • Simple focusing mechanism
  • With 3D imaging, it is easy to measure the differences
  • Even allows subsurface changes to be seen.

Dr. Mohindra is a person who has transformed regular dentistry into a form of art. He understood that in addition to dental treatment, he could improve the look of the face through Oralift Facial Rejuvenation with specific steps that apparently seem easy, but that require intuition professionalism and passion.

– Daniela Soave, leading Oralift practitioner.


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