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Lizzie’s Success Story

The beautifying brace fits in the mouth and works on facial muscles to improve tone and circulation"

– Daily Record   

There are millions of women in the world who wish they could slow their ageing process or revert back to the soft, wrinkle-free skin of their youth. In the quest to youthful skin some of them will endure painful and often dangerous botox treatments, whilst others will try off-the-shelf creams with little or no improvements. There are some women of course, who will try neither option because of a lack of trust in the product or, as we have unfortunately seen in recent years, misuse of surgical treatments by untrained and misinformed ‘practitioners’.

Lizzie’s Wonderful Transformation



Then there are the fortunate women who have found our revolutionary Oralift device that reduces fine lines and wrinkles with absolutely no pain or dangers to their health. Lizzie H. is one of the many women who have taken advantage of Oralift and its non-invasive anti-ageing treatment. Because the fitting of an Oralift device is carried out by a qualified and registered dentist, patients can gain a youthful appearance safe with the knowledge that they are in professional hands.

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In 2010, on a quest to delay the ageing process to the face, Lizzie visited Dr Mohindra and, after a medical questionnaire, was measured and fitted with her own Oralift device. Being in her 50’s meant that Lizzie wanted to control the ageing process and improve her skin’s appearance non-invasively in a safe environment. Lizzie’s skin was given a new lease of life as a result of increased facial muscle use. Within just four months she was delighted with the results but experienced another benefit of Oralift which came as a bit of a (welcomed) surprise!

In addition to her amazing results, Lizzie had found that the Oralift reduced her headaches dramatically, having experienced regular severe headaches for years! Dr Mohindra decided that in addition to her current Oralift, he would supply her with a larger size to help eliminate her headaches altogether.

Four years later and Lizzie is still enjoying the benefits of Oralift and her headaches are few and far between!

It’s a very exciting time for Oralift; the success of our product means that we are expanding and looking to introduce Oralift to more dental practices around the world, so that everyone can enjoy this safe and trusted anti-ageing experience.

Certified Oralift practitioners are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to supply and fit the appliance for you. This groundbreaking device comes in three different sizes. Your practitioner will choose the most suitable size and change to another when needed.


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