How to Become an Oralift Practitioner

Oralift Facial Rejuvenation is a natural effective treatment designed to address and delay the signs of facial ageing.

Nowadays dentists are asked by their patients to recommend treatments for the face not just teeth. Improving facial aesthetics need not be confined to Botox and fillers. Oralift rejuvenation is achieved simply by wearing an appliance in the mouth for short periods. Dentists will also find that the Oralift appliance can help their patients in a number of ways besides their looks.

If you want to take part in a new and exciting way to address the signs of facial ageing we invite you to become an Oralift practitioner.

Oralift Academy

Oralift Academy gives professionals access to online courses. Each course is broken up into lessons, and each lesson contains information in the form of videos. Lessons are typically followed by a short test to ensure you have a good knowledge of each topic before moving forward.

Academy Courses:

Live Courses

Nick Mohindra also offers live courses throughout the year which are located in the UK.

In these seminars Dr. Nick Mohindra will demonstrate how facial rejuvenation through dentistry has an anti aging effect. He will cover how to recognize the signs of facial ageing and how to assess which patients might benefit from facial rejuvenation through dentistry and consider the aesthetic problems faced by many denture patients and those patients with tooth wear, who are unhappy with their teeth. He will illustrate these with case histories. He will also show how dentists can deliver facial transformations by examining a number of case studies he has treated over a number of years with his Dentalfacelift technique for both edentulous and dentate patients. Some of these cases will show how patients for whom previously the only treatment option was maxillo facial or cosmetic surgery have found another option with Dentalfacelift and Oralift facial rejuvenation.

Why Oralift?

Oralift was placed in the top three non invasive  facial rejuvenation treatments in a recent Daily Telegraph article.

“I believe Oralift could be the missing link in the facial aging puzzle, because it is designed to address all aspects of facial aging. It can also help patients stop parafunctioning. The Oralift appliance is revolutionary because it is worn for very short periods and never at night.”


An ideal treatment for patients who want a natural approach to facial rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

Reported benefits: reduced lines around the eyes, mouth and face-reduced shadows and bags under the eyes-increased fullness of lips-more prominent cheekbones-improved complexion, thread veins and rosacea-firmer jawline and neck-closed and repaired pores


Oralift is proving to be a useful aid in training patients to become aware of their freeway space and reduce or stop their clenching habit


If the protocol is followed, certified oralift practitioners are given a moneyback guarantee on the cost of the oralift appliances as stated in the oralift practitioner guide

If you would like more information about how to become an Oralift practitioner, click here.