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The Oralift device is designed to reduce and delay the signs of facial ageing. It fits over the lower teeth and looks similar to a small mouth guard. It is worn for just 2 hours, every third day.

There is no exercise programme, the facial muscles are activated by just having it in the mouth. Oralift has gained international recognition from cosmetic surgeons as being one of the most impressive products to reduce and delay the signs of facial aging. Oralift is a registered Trade Mark and is a patented device. US Patents 7156774 & 7416516. EU Patent 511440. Brazil Patent pending.

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The Science of Oralift

Dubbed ‘groundbreaking’ by The Cosmetic Surgery Guide, Oralift is a natural treatment which is designed to reverse the signs of facial ageing, by non-surgically rejuvenating the appearance of the patient’s skin.

What is the Oralift appliance?

It is a tailor-made device that fits over your lower teeth.
For those who have been put off by Botox, or even those who are looking for a pain-free and safe alternative, Oralift may be a solution they’ve been waiting for. A quest for younger, firmer and healthier looking skin needn’t be a dangerous one any longer, thanks to this new groundbreaking, non-surgical solution!

The Pioneer of Oralift

Dr Nick Mohindra is a London dentist with a special interest in treating patients suffering from facial pain due to temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD).

While working in this field he developed a theory that many people who had suffered a loss of lower facial height could regain this lost facial height by wearing a simple dental device. Dr Mohindra has since further refined and developed this simple but remarkable appliance – the Oralift.

In virtually all cases that he has treated, Dr. Mohindra has found that his patients have reported improvements in their skin after using Oralift. With further research, Oralift could become the first choice of skincare ( not just for over 50).

Wearers of the Oralift report:

  • Reduced lines around the mouth, eyes and around the face in general
  • Reduced bags under the eyes
  • Increased fullness of the lips
  • More prominent cheekbones
  • Tightened and strengthened facial muscles
  • Increased blood flow to the skin making it more radiant, healthy and smoother
  • Strengthening and firming of the jaw line and neck
  • Improved hair quality
  • Closes and repairs pores

The Oralift Case Study

Lizzie H. is one of the many women who have taken advantage of Oralift and its non-invasive anti-ageing treatment. Because the fitting of an Oralift device is carried out by a qualified and registered professional, patients can gain a youthful appearance safe with the knowledge that they are in professional hands.

In 2010, on a quest to delay the ageing process to the face, Lizzie visited Dr Mohindra and, after a medical questionnaire, was measured and fitted with her own Oralift device.

Being in her 50’s meant that Lizzie wanted to control the ageing process and improve her skin’s appearance non-invasively in a safe environment. Lizzie’s skin was given a new lease on life as a result of increased facial muscle use.

How Oralift Works

When a patient wears the Oralift appliance, it separates the teeth by an amount much greater than their original “freeway space”. The muscles on the face immediately realise that this appliance is something that cannot be chewed or eaten. The muscles therefore adapt by altering their fibres to create a new resting length and a new “freeway space”.

Dr. Mohindra believes that this process involves greater protein activity for which muscles need more oxygen, and to achieve this, any capillaries which have been damaged due to ageing are repaired.

Furthermore, he believes this repair process is initiated by the muscles releasing a growth factor (Mechano Growth Factor, discovered by Professor G. Goldspink), which triggers the body’s healing process, thus counteracting the harmful effects of facial ageing.

Every person is an individual and their regime will be tailored to the way they respond to the treatment.

Here’s What You Can Expect

#1 Initial Consultation

Firstly, your dentist will make a detailed assessment. This will include taking photographs from differing angles to study the shape of your face, condition of the skin, mouth, teeth and jaw joint. You can have the Oralift appliances fitted at this visit if you wish.

#2 Wearing Oralift

Once a thorough assessment has been made a regime will be devised for the patient. As with any form of exercise, it is important to start gradually. Some patients have noticed improvements after wearing the device for only one hour a day. In general patients wear Oralift for one hour twice daily every third day. The regime is usually for two months twice a year.

#3 The Cost

This will depend on which country you are in and the level of service provided. Oralift treatment can be compared to going to the gym – you can monitor the benefits yourself, or have the expert advice of your trainer. The treatment will include fitting of the Oralift appliance and follow up monitoring visits with standardised digital photography, possible 3D and surface imaging of the facial skin and advice as to how to achieve maximum benefit.

Some patients may need additional dental work to ensure the teeth and mouth are as healthy as possible before making and fitting the Oralift appliance. Flexible treatment plans can also be made available to suit a patient’s budget.

What the Experts Say About Oralift

Oralif Facial Rejuvenation is now being recognized by the dental and medical fraternity, as well as users, as a remarkable treatment.

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Certified Oralift practitioners are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to supply and fit the appliance for you. This groundbreaking device comes in three different sizes. Your practitioner will choose the most suitable size and change to another when needed.

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