Oralift App

Oralift App is a comprehensive solution for imparting advice, recording information and promoting the services of Oralift treatment. This App delivers a wide range of insightful information regarding Oralift and its benefits. It is useful for professional Oralift practitioners, current patients and also to prospective patients who are unsure whether to begin Oralift treatment. The Oralift App provides answers to the most common questions regarding Oralift.

The Oralift App is available from both Apple Appstore and Google Play Store and can be used on an extensive range of mobile phones.

Simply download the App to experience a user-friendly interface and gain many features which will benefit yourself and your patients.

Unique Oralift App features

Oralift App

  • Extensive information on Oralift including the treatment process and its benefits.
  • Insightful electronic diary which ensures progress is regularly and reliably recorded.
  • Innovative tick test helps an Oralift practitioner to gain unique insights which influences progression.
  • Helpful reminders to ensure patients do not miss important appointments.
  • Encourages patient retention: certain features require practitioners to actively unlock them.
  • Allows Oralift practitioners to provide first-rate service: gives reassurance to the patients.
  • 24/7 support: App is packed with features and will help support patients around the clock.

Oralift app also has a fresh, appealing interface which is engaging to users

The Oralift App is a patient’s daily consultant which provides thorough information about Oralift treatment and its benefits. The general instructions are easily and instantly accessible on any smartphone. If you have any questions, you can immediately address them on the move.

For Oralift patients

The Oralift App was created because we recognised the difficulty of providing comprehensive knowledge about Oralift to patients within a short consultation. Patients often enquire about Oralift treatment between appointments. The Oralift App is able to provide detailed information and engaging graphics to ensure complete clarity. Also, the Oralift App ensures that treatment is as effective as possible. Patients are able to record notes which can be viewed by practitioners, enabling them to gain insight into how best to move forward with the treatment. The Oralift App delivers timely reminders to patients helping them not to miss crucial appointments.

For Oralift practitioners

Oralift practitoners enjoy improved retention rates when promoting this App to their patients. The Oralift App notifies patients regarding their regime and flags up necessary actions. The reminders encourage patients to be compliant with treatment in order to gain the best possible results. This in turn helps the Oralift practitioners who can expect patients to attend appointments more regularly.

If you have any questions regarding the Oralift App and its benefits to Oralift practitioners, please do not hesitate to contact us.
A Flipbook for Oralift Practitioners with instructions on how to use the App is available in the associates section on Oralift Academy.