Can You Reverse Ageing Naturally?

We know that lifestyle habits help keep the body healthy as we age. A good skin care routine is essential for all skin types. An antioxidant-rich diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, particularly leafy green vegetables and berries, will offset the damaging effects of stress and environmental pollution.

Increasing your daily intake of fluids helps to keep the skin, as well as the body, healthy and hydrated. Meditation, visualisation and other relaxation techniques are great ways to relieve stress – and prevent the release of hormones and chemicals that damage skin cells and damage health.

There’s another component to healthy lifestyle – one that improves circulation to the skin and promotes healthier, younger-looking skin.

Regular exercise is the essential ingredient to ageing gracefully

It’s scientifically proven that exercise is essential for our health and well-being, and that muscles give us our power and strength. We have to exercise these muscles to keep ourselves fit, toned and healthy.

But what about our facial muscles…can we exercise them?

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There are recommended facial exercises claimed to maintain youthful looks, but the majority of us do not have the self-discipline to keep to a regular facial exercise regime, and facial muscles are not the same as body muscles.

The good news is they do not have to be exercised, as they have the ability to adapt to a new position of the jaw. This process of adaptation is well established in orthodontics, and is the process used with the Oralift appliance. It seems facial muscles can adapt very quickly, and age does not seem to be a barrier!

“When people start looking at you and wondering, ‘What have you had done?’, that’s the Oralift effect.”

– Dr. Nick Mohindra

How does Oralift work?

The Oralift seems to work by using two principles: the healing capacity of the body and the body’s remarkable ability to adapt to environmental change. The muscles of the face when relaxed usually keep the lips together and the teeth slightly apart.

The little space between the upper and lower teeth is called the “free way space” and is usually 1-3mm. At this relaxed or resting position there is a minimal amount of electrical activity occurring in the facial muscles to maintain muscle tone.

When a patient wears the Oralift appliance, it separates the teeth by an amount much greater than their original “free way space”. The muscles on the face immediately  realise that this appliance is something that cannot be chewed or eaten. The muscles therefore adapt by altering their fibres to create a new resting length and a new “freeway space”.

What is the science behind this development?

Dr Mohindra believes that this process involves greater protein activity for which muscles need more oxygen, and to achieve this, any capillaries which have been damaged due to ageing are repaired.

Furthermore, he believes this repair process is initiated by the muscles releasing a growth factor (Mechano Growth Factor, which was discovered by Professor G. Goldspink), which triggers off the body’s healing process, so counteracting the harmful effects of facial ageing.

Dubbed ‘groundbreaking’ by The Cosmetic Surgery Guide, Oralift is a natural treatment which is designed to reverse the signs of facial ageing, by non-surgically rejuvenating the appearance of the patient’s skin.

For those who have been put off by Botox, or even those who are looking for a pain-free and safe alternative, Oralift may be a solution they’ve been waiting for. A quest for younger, firmer and healthier looking skin needn’t be a dangerous one any longer, thanks to this new groundbreaking, non-surgical solution!

“There is no denying Oralift works and in light of the ongoing cosmetic surgery review, with so many consumers looking for alternative treatments at the moment, it’s understandably becoming quite popular.”
— Laura Casewell, Definitive Guide to Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics in the UK.

Imagine looking as vibrant as you feel. That’s the potential of Oralift. An experienced Oralift provider can restore your face to match your inner vitality – with no downtime.

Certified Oralift practitioners are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to supply and fit the appliance for you. This groundbreaking device comes in three different sizes. Your practitioner will choose the most suitable size and change to another when needed.

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