Dental Colloquium and Oralift Italia

Nick Mohindra was invited to give a talk last month at Dental Colloquium in Brescia. The talk was entitled “21st Century Smile Design”.

The role of the dentist in creating a smile for the patients has historically been limited to the hard tissues of the smile composition ie the teeth. The smile as we know is a dynamic three dimensional composition which includes the soft tissues of the face (eyes, skin, lips, cheeks) and the hard tissues ( teeth). The smile has a start, middle and an end. It is not just a two dimensional picture that we usually see in magazines .  The role of the dentist in the 21st century is now not just limited to the hard tissues, but with the use of the Oralift appliance, the dentist can be in control of soft tissues as well.

Patients as we know are now starting to come to their dentists for fillers, peels etc. Now the dentist can be  in control of the whole composition of the smile and can make life changing differences to the patient.

Oralift is now gaining popularity throughout the world and it was a real pleasure to visit the striking Oralift Italia offices in Brescia. Oralift Italia are now providing training for dentists in Italy.

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