Dr. N.K Mohindra Pioneer

Dr. N.K Mohindra Pioneer
BDS Edin 1969
Reg No 43423
Reg date 18 July 1969

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Chief Executive of Dental Practitioners’ Association, Derek Watson-BDS, LDS, RCS, DGDP (UK) interviews Dr. Nick Mohindra “the leading authority in this country” in altering lower facial height, something hitherto not believed possible in dentistry. Nick describes his journey from NHS in the Welsh valleys to private practice in Wimpole Street .


Initially, Dr Mohindra had a special interest in treating patients suffering from facial pain due to temporal mandibular dysfunction (TMD).

While working in this field he developed a theory that many people who had suffered a loss of lower facial height could regain this lost facial height by wearing a simple dental device. His first scientific paper relating to this was published in 1996, and showed that in edentulous people, lower facial height (Ovd: occlusial vertical dimension) could be altered by as much as 20mm, an amount hitherto believed impossible. This iconoclastic research was published in the internationally acclaimed British Dental Journal.

His work then progressed to treating patients with no loss of teeth, using the same principles of determining lower facial height. He found that the appliance he used to re-establish a patients lower facial height appeared to provide an anti ageing effect. Dr Mohindra has since further refined and developed this simple but remarkable appliance – the Oralift.

What the experts have to say about the Oralift and Dr Mohindra

Oralif Facial Rejuvenation is now being recognized by the dental and medical fraternity, as well as users, as a remarkable treatment.

“I established Aesthetica clinic in Dubai three years ago and am currently setting up two more clinics, also in Dubai. I have devoted the past three years to researching various aesthetic anti-ageing products and techniques. I also travel extensively 6 or 7 times a year to various anti-ageing and aesthetic conferences around the world. A few months ago I met Dr. Mohindra at the FACE congress in London, where he gave me a presentation of his Facial Rejuvenation system. I was exceedingly impressed with the results that Dr. Mohindra was able to obtain with his system.

To date, we are able to refine skin texture and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles through peels, botox injections and autologous fibroblasts. However, the non-surgical restoration of the facial contours of youth remains a challenge. One of the most important determinants of the ageing face is the alteration in the shape of the face from the inverted triangular shape of youth, with high cheekbones and narrow jaw line, to the development of a regular triangle whereby there is a depression of the cheek area and the development of jowls that result in a square jaw.

Dr. Mohindra’s Oralift shows dramatic results on the restoration of youthful facial contours. His technique is simple, easy to use and, above all, totally risk free.

Maria Angelo-Khattar, Ph.D.
Managing Director, Aesthetica Group of Clinics