How to Make a Great First Impression!

First impression

First Impressions count. Whether you are going for a job interview or meeting someone for the first time, you will be judged on how you look in these first few seconds of meeting. You may be self-conscious or feel at a disadvantage because of certain aspects of your appearance, but we all have one powerful weapon at our disposal to make a favourable first impression….and that is our smile.

The power of the smile is well documented. We know that an attractive, friendly smile has a huge impact on how we are perceived. A warm, genuine smile suggests that the wearer is someone who wants to help, someone who is kind, approachable, someone we would like to get to know better. A smile can create chemistry…make the old seem youthful!

So how can we make the most of this powerful weapon? In dentistry, we are often asked how we can improve a patient’s smile. Established treatments vary from tooth whitening to full smile makeovers with crowns and veneers. All these can improve the smile and give the patient added confidence.

But now there is another treatment which dentists can provide and which can rejuvenate the whole face including the smile without any invasive drilling and cutting of teeth.

It’s scientifically proven that exercise is essential for our health and well-being and that muscles give us our power and strength. We have to exercise these muscles to keep ourselves fit, toned and healthy. But what about our facial muscles…can we exercise them? There are recommended facial exercises claimed to maintain youthful looks, but the majority of us do not have the self-discipline to keep to a regular facial exercise regime, and facial muscles are not the same as body muscles.

The good news is they do not have to be exercised, as they have the ability to adapt to a new position of the jaw. This process of adaptation is well established in orthodontics, and is the process used with the Oralift appliance. It seems facial muscles can adapt very quickly, and age does not seem to be a barrier!

Information on the Oralift regime and how it works can be found on www.oralift .com and by downloading the Oralift App. But what can Oralift do to help us create that all important first impression either in a photograph or meeting someone in the flesh? Can Oralift improve the smile?

Oralift Face Rejuvenation is designed to rejuvenate the whole face, and remember that the smile is not just confined to the mouth area….we smile with our whole face. You can see in this Oralift patient how her smile has improved and how her eyes look bigger.

Patients have reported that Oralift has been very helpful in repairing sun damage and lightening their facial skin.

There is a myriad of treatments on the market claiming to improve skin, diminish wrinkles, reduce pores….everything under the sun to make us look younger and more radiant. Some involve surgery or injecting substances into the skin, but if you are looking for an effective natural treatment to help you make a great first impression, why don’t you consider Oralift Face Rejuvenation?

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