Next Steps (and What to Expect)

If it’s time for fresh new look, terrific. You’re taking the best first step toward a beautiful face. Age doesn’t matter, as it’s normally not too late to get a more youthful look.

If you’re interested in the Oralift Facial Rejuvenation device, you’re joining a growing legion of fans. The remarkable benefits reported by wearers of the Oralift appliance include:

  • Reduced lines around the mouth, eyes and around the face in general
  • Reduced bags under the eyes
  • Increased fullness of the lips
  • More prominent cheekbones
  • Tightened and strengthened facial muscles
  • Increased blood flow to the skin making it more radiant, healthy and smoother
  • Strengthening and firming of the jaw line and neck
  • Improved hair quality
  • Closes and repairs pores

What is the Oralift?

The Oralift is a tailor-made device that fits over your lower teeth. Oralift is a non-surgical solution – a device that rejuvenates the face naturally. Oralift seems to reverse the ageing process.

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In the 1990s, Dr Mohindra noticed that using a traditional device to treat patients with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), their facial muscles changed – the lower part of the face got a “lift.”

Since then, Dr Mohindra has refined the device, and developed today’s simple but remarkable appliance – the Oralift.

What’s involved in the process?

The treatment will include fitting of the Oralift appliance and follow-up monitoring visits with standardised digital photography, possible 3D and surface imaging of the facial skin and advice as to how to achieve maximum benefit.

“When people start looking at you and wondering, ‘What have you had done?’, that’s the Oralift effect.”

– Dr. Nick Mohindra

Some patients may need additional dental work to ensure the teeth and mouth are as healthy as possible before making and fitting the Oralift appliance.

On average, most patients wear the Oralift appliance for 30 minutes to 2 hours a day, every third day for 4 months initially. After this, 2 month top ups twice a year is all that is needed.

Every person is an individual and their regime will be tailored to the way they respond to the treatment.

The cost of Oralift will depend on which country you are in and the level of service provided. Oralift treatment can be compared to going to the gym – you can monitor the benefits yourself, or have the expert advice of your trainer.

The value of self-confidence

When you take good care of your face, you’ll never feel shy with others. You’ll feel more confident in social and business interactions.

Some people wait a long time to start reversing the ageing process. When they begin seeing results, they wish they had started much earlier.

Enjoy your life now. Why wait?

“Dr. Mohindra’s Oralift shows dramatic results on the restoration of youthful facial contours. His technique is simple, easy to use and, above all, totally risk free.”


Maria Angelo-Khattar, Ph.D. Managing Director, Aesthetica Group of Clinics

Certified Oralift practitioners are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to supply and fit the appliance for you. This groundbreaking device comes in three different sizes. Your practitioner will choose the most suitable size and change to another when needed.

Before and After Photos of an Oralift User


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