Oralift Academy Opens Its Doors

We are proud to announce that the Oralift Academy is now available online and can be accessed by those who want to become Oralift Practitioners.

Previously, dentists who wanted to offer Oralift to their patients had to attend live courses in the UK, which are organised by Dr. Nick Mohindra. We realised that not everybody had the time and the funds to take the live courses, which was the main reason we decided to come up with web-based courses. Our live courses are still available alongside our online courses, but now professionals all over the world have more options when it comes to learning how to use Oralift and becoming qualified to provide it to their patients.

Taking the Online Course

One of the best things about the Oralift Online Course is that you can complete it on the web at your own time and pace. This means that you can do your learning when it’s convenient for you, such as after work or during your days off. The course is broken into several lessons, and each lesson is offered in the form of videos. As a result, you can work one lesson at a time and easily absorb the information.

The first available course will be on Oralift Facial Rejuvenation. This will be followed by a course on making dentures for edentulous patients. Another aim of the Academy is to provide a forum for discussions and new ideas…an Academy for the thinking dentists of the future!

– Dr. N. Mohindra 

Most lessons are followed by a short online test to ensure you fully understood the topic before moving forward. Once you have completed the entire course, you will be able to download a certificate proving that you have successfully finished the Oralift Online Course and are now a recognized Oralift practitioner.

Becoming an Academy Member

You can sign up for the Oralift online course for £199.00  – this includes free Academy membership for four months. Alternatively, the course can be purchased for £125.00 if you join the Academy for one year and pay £10.00 monthly.

Academy members will also get special deals and discounts of up to 25% when they buy Oralift appliances and marketing materials.  

Either way, when you become an Academy member, you’ll get to enjoy several exciting benefits. For one thing, you’ll be able to access the Oralift Online Course at a reduced fee, which means you’ll enjoy significant savings. Even if you have taken our previous courses, you’ll still want to take the online course since it will give you a refresher and provide you with updates on all Oralift developments in recent months and years.

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You’ll also have access to our Consultation Programme and our “How to Use the Oralift App” flipbooks as well as recent Oralift lectures that were given in Italy and Monte Carlo. All of these will greatly help you expand your knowledge about using Oralift for your patients and helping them achieve maximum facial rejuvenation.

Academy members will also get special deals and discounts when they buy Oralift appliances and marketing materials. These products will no longer be available on oralift.com; rather, they will be available on the Academy’s online shop to make it more convenient for members to purchase what they need for their practice. By having access to lower prices, Academy members can reduce their overheads while enjoying full profits and revenues.

When you register for an Academy membership, you’ll automatically be included in our official list of Oralift practitioners, which states your name, location, and contact details. This list is given to people who enquire about Oralift treatment, which means you’ll be able to reach out to potential clients and inform them about your practice.

Visit academy.oralift.com today to become an Academy member and take the Oralift Online Course!

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